Autism Revolution. Begins with me.

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What does my movement want? I want to make an example of two Businesses who I deemed completely ignorant to Autism + ADHD + Concussion & risked my life in an emergency situation. I want to right the wrongs of my past… I want to defeat all challenges from the Left & the Right. Welcome to Autism Revolution! Click here to learn about the relationship between ADHD and seizures.

Giant Tiger description: “North West operates 249 stores under the trading names Northern, NorthMart, Giant Tiger, Alaska Commercial Company, Cost-U-Less and RiteWay Food Markets and has annualized sales of approximately CDN$2.0 billion. The common shares of North West trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol NWC.Mar 12, 2020.” Google

Tim Hortons Description: “After that, Tim Hortons (which trades under ticker symbol THI) will no longer be listed on the TSX. Tims and Burger King will instead operate as stand-alone brands and trade on the TSX and the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol QSR (the acronym in the fast food industry for quick-service restaurant).Dec 9, 2014.” Google

Copy written by Moral Authority. My Google Review: I got an OPP escort to the restaurant because this was an emergency!!! Bob made sure to read me the riot act at 1:15p.m. 2020-07-07 while I was having a seizure. He denied me accessibility seating while I waited for my food as a paying Tim Hortons Customer. Bob hates the disabled and this is this restaurant’s first real hate crime against an autistic person with reflex seizures. How I know about my seizures? Alana Julia Diagnosed them my first year of College. *** this page has been revised by my Nurse for accuracy.

The image is to state that this is Autism Revolution out of Canada.


It is time to talk about University Dad.

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The BBC article I helped Steph Get

“I am just getting a little tired of playing with the small minds. I need to get up higher on this ladder for my sake. As well as our sake and experience new education/traveling experiences. If there is nothing I can do to help you guys with anything than I need to go elsewhere and help others.” -Ashton Deroy

Diana’s preference in comparing: WWE vs UFC.

WWE vs UFC study

Originally written July 7 2018

Ashton Deroy writes:  The world of combat sports has been a world that appeals more to men than women. Sure you would have a few odd female fans watch wrestling & MMA. However, it was mostly a boys club. That was until the mainstream change of gender roles & perception in society. Fast forward to 2018 and the world has changed drastically. UFC a company that said would never have women fighters now has 3 weight classes. WWE also has some of the most well recognized modern female performers ever, including award winning and recognized women athletes. 

Still there is always this division despite the similarities of the people attracted to the WWE brand & to the UFC brand. If you did a venn diagram some would in fact interlap. For the purpose of this study, the interlap will be ignored for the sake of choosing a winner. In this study, Diana Skye a non-wrestling or UFC fan is going to be exposed to entirely new world for which she has very little reference to create a non-biased winner.  

Using YouTube channels, their shops & their characters. Diana is going to lock the two companies in a 3 round battle. Each evaluation for the round amounts to one point in a best of 3 battle. Only she will determine what product is more appealing to her. I, Ashton Deroy, will include my initial prediction in this study after Diana has separately made her own conclusions. 

I predict Diana Skye will choose WWE. I think she will be drawn to the character development, theatrics & glamour. This is because Diana Skye is in to fictional books & movies. I think she has a flare for the dramatics. Also because Mixed Martial Arts was once described as human cock fighting. So I think that will be too shocking to gain her interest. 


Diana Skye writes: To say that I didn’t know much about wrestling would be a massive understatement. The only time I recall seeing famous wrestlers on TV is briefly in the news, commercials featuring the legendary John Cena, and an episode of The Weakest Link featuring WWE members.  The idea of a sport that involved aggressive physical fighting just did not seem entertaining to me. When Ashton asked me to do this project, I decided it was about time to see what the wrestling hype was about. 


I kept an open mind while doing my research. While I still wouldn’t call myself a wrestling fan, I definitely have a better understanding of this very interesting world. There is more to it than just people beating each other up. Both WWE and UFC have very profitable merch shops and YouTube channels with millions of subscribers. The wrestlers also have distinctive personalities and characters, with creative storylines. I gave both wrestling groups rankings in all of these categories. I can see why they both have many fans, but one has an edge in my opinion. 


WWE Shop 

Ratings out of 5

4 for design

5 for character portrayal 

5 for attractive items


UFC Store

Ratings out of 5

3 for design

4 for character portrayal 

3 for attractive items


Merch has become an important part of branding, whether it’s for sports teams, small businesses, or YouTube entertainers. Even from just seeing the home pages, I immediately preferred the WWE Merch site. They had a large selection of items, including Funko Pops. Those were advertised right on the home page along with a variety of clothing items. Many of the designs were eye catching and represented the characters well. 


The UFC Merch site did have some interesting items, however it was harder to navigate. They also seemed to have less variety. I immediately noticed a category called “blanket, beds, and bath.” I clicked expecting interesting items like bath products and several sleepwear options. Instead there was only one simple nightgown. While WWE didn’t have any sleepwear, there were many casual items like hoodies, t-shirts, and sweatpants. Variety in merch items is always a win for me, so I’m giving this round to WWE.


Winner: WWE


UFC YouTube

Ratings out of 5 (advertising)

Shop products: 4

Pay-Per-View: 5

Entertainment and additional services: 5


WWE YouTube

Ratings out of 5 (advertising)

Advertising shop products: 4

Advertising Pay-Per-View: 3

Entertainment and additional services: 4

Both the WWE and UFC YouTube channels have a large following. (28 and 4.6 million respectively) While WWE has a much larger YouTube following, I much prefer UFC’s channel. WWE tends to post many short videos every day. Personally, I don’t like to have my subscription feed cluttered by one channel. Some of these shorter videos don’t provide much content since they are less than two minutes long. In spite of their fantastic merch shop, there wasn’t much mention of it.

By contrast, UFC does not post every day. However most of their videos are longer. (A length of at least 5 minutes) Even the shorter ones are more entertaining. You learn a lot about their wrestlers and upcoming fights. They also do a good job of advertising other services without shoving it down your throat. Even as a non-wrestling fan, I feel like I got a lot from their channel. Therefore, UFC is definitely the clear winner for this round.

Winner: UFC



Ratings out of 5

Memorability 5

Shock value 4

Plot 4


Ratings out of 5

Memorability 3

Shock value 4

Plot 3


Despite my lack of wrestling knowledge, I recognized many names while doing my research. For example, UFC wrestler Conor McGregor lost to Floyd Mayweather in a famous boxing match last year. There were also many interesting characters I was unaware of. Paul Felder is an Irish American who started martial arts training at age twelve. Alexis Davis and Sarah Kaufman are two badass Canadian women who have had huge success in recent years. It taught me that big personalities are just as important (if not more) as skill in wrestling. 


WWE also has strong women like Ronda Rousey and Nikki Bella. However, the WWE characters and plots just didn’t intrigue me as much. The fights were intense, but not very memorable. I did enjoy the John Cena tribute, but many other Raw and Smackdown episodes were either not very exciting or downright outlandish. If I wanted to watch a wrestling event, I would much rather check out a UFC Championship. Therefore, they win this final round and the overall battle.


Winner: UFC



UFC has many fascinating characters and interesting storylines. They also post excellent videos on their YouTube channel. One thing they need to work on is the variety and items in the merch shop. They have many exciting characters so there is potential for awesome shirts, mugs, posters etc. Other than that, I preferred them in all categories. I would like to learn more about some of their personalities, such as the Canadian females I mentioned earlier. 



WWE has their merch shop going for it, with a variety of attractive items. However, they need to work on the entertaining aspect. More interesting characters and plots would make them even more successful. They should also tweak a few things when it comes to their YouTube presence, like video length and amount of posts. Even though they didn’t win my battle, I think they have a lot of potential. 


This was a very different experience for me since I usually write about makeup, social activism, or YouTube. I was skeptical when Ashton gave me this assignment, but I am glad he did. While I will never be a massive wrestling fangirl, I plan on continuing to learn more about it. I may check out a match the next time it’s on Sportsnet or TSN. The world of wrestling has a lot going for it and I can see why it has many fans.

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Golden rules for a great Wrestling or MMA Event!


Golden rules for a great Wrestling or MMA Event!

Golden rules for a great Wrestling or MMA Event!.png

Ashton Deroy writes: I have been watching wrestling since I was 15. I think I figured out a few things every show has needed to make the show great. It may surprise you the things I don’t concern. However I swear if a show has these 5 things, it will be a great show regardless of brand & venue.

  1. A 10 second match – This is just a label name for a really fast fight. I think every show needs to have a mismatch where someone just gets absolutely crushed. This may in fact be something that A.E.W. is actually missing entirely. Which actually makes the product exhausting to watch! If you look at Ronda Rousey in the UFC she actually didn’t have to compete that long to make an impact. A 10 second match give wrestling a more realistic feel & makes MMA more entertaining.
  2. A Championship title changes hands – Part of the reason I think WWE has had the hardcore title & 24/7 title is because it changes hands so frequently. In UFC it used to be the Heavyweight division title that changed frequently. You need to change championships as often as necessary. Truthfully I think most wrestlers you don’t want to hold a championship for over 1 year or in UFC 3 years. People just get sick of them too fast! Of a championship doesn’t change hands on a PPV program  or even with main shows, it can seem like it was just an inconsequential shows. With WWE I am not crazy on the idea of trying to build up 1-2 year long story lines.  I think they need to get to the point faster & not have shows have a feeling of WWE doing the wrestling equivalent of vamping in between.
  3. Name recognition in a main event – A main event must always contain the biggest names on the card. For so many reasons it is bad to use a small name in the main event of a show. The idea is you want to have the big names in the main event so people have to watch the show the entire way through to see your biggest stars! This also exposes them to new talent they can become invested in. If you have name recognition in the main even this is apart of the formula to an ideal Wrestling  and MMA card.
  4. Men & Women compete on the same card – Me and my friend Kella. Also me and my siblings had a rule. If Men & women aren’t on the card, we don’t see it. It may seem odd, but it is nice to break from men fighting to see women fighting. The opposite is also true it is nice to take a break from women fighting, to see men fighting.

1 last thing you can add to a good to show to get to the next level. All of these together might actually make a show exhausting:

  • Inter-gender matches – This is a match where one gender faces someone from another gender. Usually portrayed as male versus female matches. This also has included transgender matches which I think is positive, but still is associated controversy. Especially among Conservative & Right wing Libertarian wrestling viewers.
  • Hardcore Matches – This is not my thing at all. In MMA I hate blood baths! In WWE I hate people smashing stuff over each other’s head! However some people like it. So I am putting it on this list!
  • Back flip(s) – I am calling it, whether it is done during the match in Cruiserweight Wrestling or after the match as a celebration like with Holly Holm in the UFC.Back Flips are cool to watch. If I see a back flip during a show, it definitely gets extra points. Back Flips are something athletes can do when they have achieved peak physical shape! It deserves respect.

Honestly next time I watch a wrestling show I am going to use these considerations to analyze how good the show was. I will write a blog about it to, see if this is a solid formula. I think what I have created summarizes a 5 star card perfectly. Especially since I am talking about something that is so obviously designed for an average viewer who is either a redneck or someone with ADHD. Thank you for reading this blog! Email me your comments if you want to give me any feedback. I am going to be blogging more for a while as I look for employment from now until January I imagine.