Dear Family, Why I wanted to work at Giant Tiger?

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Dear Family,

Believe it or not I didn’t choose to get Autism + concussion. It was an accident largely contributed to by long hair and appeasing my negligent manager who was too hard on me! Jennifer Boutilier pushed me unreasonably hard without reasonable flexibility for my disability. However, some of the readings may wonder why I wanted to work at Giant Tiger?

It is not just as simple as I wanted a paycheck. It was more than that. I liked my experience doing a placement at Giant Tiger earlier in my Youth Job Connection program with Ron Hunter as my Employment counsellor. I also wanted to help out and be essential during the Coronavirus pandemic.

My current shape:

I am no longer in fit mental or physical shape. There is nothing a hospital can really do for me at this time and no magical medication. As a result I need to control my treatment entirely. I don’t need any family feedback whatsoever. That is just a fact of life at this point. Having my mother Kimberly Richardson tell me in the preachy way that I need medication and hospitalization is out of line and irrelevant. I can’t get the help I need in the midst of a Pandemic. If the bitch left her house once in a while she would realize this! Same with Pat Deroy and everyone else. There is no miracle hospital fix. There is only CBD and waiting this Pandemic out. Get over what you think and let me dictate this treatment.

#AutismOblivious Families

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No matter how much certain families try. They will never achieve Autism Awareness. Why do I say this? Well as an Autistic person with Non-voting, non-active and Autism oblivious parents. I feel I have suffered an undue hardship.

I get more pressure for independence than I do help for survival. That is not autism awareness. It is a state of autism delusion that some families have. For example with my brother Matt when they sent him to the army. Most Autistic people should not be posted in Cold Lake Alberta where they submit to social isolation because it leads to drastic regression.

We can not pretend to be sophisticated about autism. While at the same time neglecting our community issues as soon as a pandemic is around. This is how I failed another living situation! This is also part of why Matt continues to live a very unfulfilling life. Some autistic people will never achieve full independence. In which case the idea of it must be dismissed.

I love my step Mom Tracy. Sometimes though she deserves an award for Autism oblivious. Why on earth did you think your son was a good fit for the army? I have always thought that many families have some kind of severe delusional detachment to suggest this solution.

The Pressure also arises from unfair expectations of independence and the idea for example that I as an autistic person can get my healthcare wherever I am. I can not… I need specific healthcare professionals under specific terms. Today my Dad showed a complete disregard for that in not printing my Medical Directive for the clinic.

Why my step mom isn’t allowed to do autism aware with me and she should probably stop all together? I think she uses it more as a leash than as a tool. I apparently surpass her autism awareness for miles. The fact that I knew how to treat autism + concussion shows me Matt must of had a hard childhood. Give your damn son some CBD when he goes off woman!

Let’s face it. The way my parents manage us. I have to go in alone if I go in by Autism Aware standards. There is just no way to make that livable. On top of that my Dad is either still considering what I am saying or ignoring it all together. For that I am just at the point where if I am ignored I will treat myself but I will give up on family unity. I am way more interested in the early commitment stages of my 2 year relationship showing themselves .This doesn’t mean I wasn’t Autism aware since 10. I am saying in regards to my family it doesn’t make a difference. They are just expecting me to act “normal”. Which I find? Just terribly pathetic.

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Final Autism Aware blog post. Final Blog post

There isn’t going to be any significant work put in to this because I don’t want to. Just a bit of design so it is read, some tags & SEO strategy but that is it.

This blog isn’t making a difference in Autism awareness. I can’t even get Kingston Ontario let me use a bathroom but that isn’t the point.

Read on Concussions + Autism:

“Other suspected symptoms may include:

  • Irritability – Yes
  • Aggression – Yes
  • Speech and language difficulties – Yes
  • Motor impairment, such as difficulty walking, tremor, loss of muscle movement, weakness or rigidity – Yes
  • Trouble swallowing (dysphagia) – Yes
  • Vision and focusing problems – Yes
  • Trouble with sense of smell (olfactory abnormalities) – Yes off and on.
  • Dementia – I keep losing things and buying repeat items.

Suicidal Ideations and Actions

The prevalence of suicidal thoughts.” Concussion and Autism: A Dangerous Mix Autism Citizen.

To make things worse. I feel I have a toxic family.

How I want to be remembered? I want to be remembered for calling people out on their shit. I want to be belligerent, rude and Honest beyond comprehension. My siblings Except with Kaylib. With Kaylib I want him to remember me as Empathetic, sweet and Loving. I want to try and leave him something should this be my last concussion. I am not suicidal… Not that anyone is Suicide Prevention trained.

What I will be doing: Playing games, smoking pot, CBD oil and etc. I will also be going to medical appointments, dealing with my psychotic siblings and trying to be with my friends. Even though they don’t get me lately. I will try it.

Last advice from me as a blogger: Don’t wait like I did. Don’t wait until you are sick to tell your addict brother he a sociopath. Don’t wait until you are sick to tell your sister you resent her getting you kicked out. Don’t wait to tell your Step mom to buzz off with her understanding of your mental health. Don’t wait to tell your Military Aunt you don’t give a shit what her title is she can go Fuck herself for how she treats you. Take it from me… I compromised so much that I don’t even like most of my family anymore.



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Where does my rational thought stem from?

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My conscious may never be silent even if my will is!!!! !\

To re-summon rational thinking, you need a teaching E-Learning material. This will re-install the Ashton Deroy interface software. I command as much moral authority I can over these words from the sanctions of my powers stemming from my Business and Communications education. Moral Feelings are acquired but if not maintained they will disappear. To water these flowers of thought you have to reboot the Ashton style computer. y naRe-install Utilitarianism, Bring by cultivation to high degrees of literary development and bring to the respect of intellectual traditions of the human mind. Not the traditions of toxic codependence, Religion, and factors that risk my Security.  Your feeling of duty will harmonize as a Wiccan to foster your pursuit in the English Socialist Pursuits of following the Common Good and bringing Wrongdoers to justice.

Intention: To the kind-hearted Wuyu (nurse) to inform others.

Re-assigning my keys: I will use faith healers but Chris through hypnosis has had subconscious keys revoked to make an exclusive home for Kaylib. The soul is Kaylib’s home to design, culture, and weave a new fabric from which to stem shared culture. Your responsibility is to Utilitarian duty, being smart & creative as well as morally compassionate. You have had a concussion so you now use Shatter bars and CBD for treatments. Indica & hybrid strain gets Wiccan faith rebooted.

This is a Co-op. We do trade the publication on Market Data with the family to meet the sustainability Goal of fighting disinformation. It also helps to avoid security risks around Ashton Deroy’s ofter endangered faith. Ashton Deroy is also capable of being feminine but not often asked. Thank you for reading, Sincerely thoughts of well-intentioned Ashton Deroy.

Visitations: Chris Rudan may visit and communicate inside the Co-op once in a while but must not be allowed to vote or stay long term. Your family didn’t like that you maybe use a hypnotism and autism aware technique because of them. However, if reading Secular morality gives you control over your life than it must be your moral obligation to accept re-education & being re-cultured. Here is a trap to look out for… The Marxist theory seems really intelligent and insightful however it is much too primitive and mathematically under evolved. Something that isn’t a trap by your own standards? Using math from your website to talk to you ex and then being fair with them in exchanging suicide Prevention services. Ashton Deroy can talk to Chris and not tell Family and then the shame is non-existent. However, Ashton can not let Chris weave cultural fabric. That cultural fabric is only Kaylib’s. Chris gets service and courtesy if he visits your brain or communicates directly to you. Algorithm for efficient thought: However, the connection will be dissolved after the passing of 2 tea times. Tea times 12:00p.m. , 3:00p.m. 8:00p.m. This is a moral declaration of a kindness and openness egalitarian boundary mixed with emotional monogamy to the chosen spiritual partner Kaylib Drury as well as a faith-based duty to protect Kaylib for the Common Good.  This song is from How I met Your Mother which is a show you have liked Ashton Deroy. This post is written for self-accountability and spiritual process. After connections, learn Utilitarianismof some kind. Concussions can be fixed. Codes can be re-written to achieve different outputs towards well-intentioned missions dictated by an underlying want of a perceived Pluralist and Socially Democratic ideal utopia. 

I am writing a concussion journal on the website to talk about my natural state in the pursuit of recovery. This will be the only post on this website that allows you to unlock code. It will be buried when this page is deleted you must set fire to an acquaintance Facebook profile for the purposes of illusion. Your choice in order to be sure that a person achieves an increased power.