152 Grenadier Dr. Kingston Ontario

Protected under the Fair Dealings act, because I had a relationship with this rental and I am moving to terminate it by the end of the month. It means that I can submit FREE Market Research for reference by Google users.

Please Read How Google Works.

Any financial reprecussions or Business repercussions will be viewed as obstruction and will be dealt with swiftly in reference to Loyalist College Legal Fundamentals and with open access to a wide array of Liars on…. GOOGLE! 😀

Content of Review:

This house overall needs to work on developing Boundaries. This is a 5 point review on what went well and what needs work. The purpose is Legal Market Research, proof of a pattern and U/X improvement. the outcome will be measured by Email contact to Ashtonderoy@gmail.com .

  1. Kayla is a incredible property Manager. She knows how to manage resources at an academic level.
  2. The house is always tidy
  3. The Property owner doesn’t talk directly tenants
  4. The house needs to develop boundaries. I went crazy in the house related to an injury and Kayla Younge started talking for me to my parents. No, screw you. I was crazy but I was still Autism Aware. Don’t do this again or someone will use this record to sue you!
  5. The people in this house not just me, but the people in this house need to develop boundaries. Fred monitors your activity on the WiFi and then suggests behavior mods. As a result I gave up habits I enjoy.


Dear Giant Tiger & Kingston Herald Jennifer Boutilier’s name is my Copyright property.

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