152 Grenadier Dr. Kingston Ontario

Protected under the Fair Dealings act, because I had a relationship with this rental and I am moving to terminate it by the end of the month. It means that I can submit FREE Market Research for reference by Google users.

Please Read How Google Works.

Any financial reprecussions or Business repercussions will be viewed as obstruction and will be dealt with swiftly in reference to Loyalist College Legal Fundamentals and with open access to a wide array of Liars on…. GOOGLE! 😀

Content of Review:

This house overall needs to work on developing Boundaries. This is a 5 point review on what went well and what needs work. The purpose is Legal Market Research, proof of a pattern and U/X improvement. the outcome will be measured by Email contact to Ashtonderoy@gmail.com .

  1. Kayla is a incredible property Manager. She knows how to manage resources at an academic level.
  2. The house is always tidy
  3. The Property owner doesn’t talk directly tenants
  4. The house needs to develop boundaries. I went crazy in the house related to an injury and Kayla Younge started talking for me to my parents. No, screw you. I was crazy but I was still Autism Aware. Don’t do this again or someone will use this record to sue you!
  5. The people in this house not just me, but the people in this house need to develop boundaries. Fred monitors your activity on the WiFi and then suggests behavior mods. As a result I gave up habits I enjoy.


Can’t we all just smoke pot and get along?

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Dear Giant Tiger & Kingston Herald Jennifer Boutilier’s name is my Copyright property.

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Tell Jen to stop stealing from me and censor her name in Marketing and Public Relations Materials. Contact: mgrstore245@gianttiger.com ; check out her Linkedin

By using her name in articles, creative works and not paying me. You are stealing Copyrighted works that I own by Moral Authority. I demand either a payment or you to formally ask for permission. I am very upset about you interfering with my Digital Marketing Business and the Autism Revolution.

Contact: the Kingston Herald and tell them to censor her name until getting permission from Autism Revolution.

Tim Hortons 81 Dundas St Napanee Ontario. Bob Store manager neglects a disabled seizure victim

Subject: Bob’s first Hate Crime.

I got an OPP escort to the restaurant because this was an emergency!!! Bob made sure to read me the riot act at 1:15p.m. 2020-07-07 while I was having a seizure. He denied me accessibility seating while I waited for my food as a paying Tim Hortons Customer. Bob hates the disabled and this is this restaurant’s first real hate crime against an autistic person with reflex seizure! I am a Green Socialist and Autistic lives Matter!

The stealth Autism Awareness

I told Alana Skye once. “If you share your tricks I will share mine.” Well I think it is time to share what is a 12 step plan to access highly difficult to receive healthcare. Let’s see what I did?

Step 1 – Admit to yourself you have autism. I did this at 10 years old. Then you must do your own research. As our healthcare systems are quite unprepared at all times.

Step 2 – Get a Communications diploma. So that you can contact family in case of emergency with heightened language skills.

Step 3 – Read How Google Works? Use this information to acquire medicinal marijuana.

Step 4 – Pace yourself. You have ADHD and you tend to go too fast and drive your blood pressure through the roof. Ice water helps with this according to the hospitals.

Step 5 – Go to Business School so that you can learn to manage your own personal finances.

Step 6 – Follow Matt’s plan and get trained in Security.

Step 7 – Finally start selling Horoscopes and fortune telling services. (You now know math)

Step 8 – Train those you love to bring you CBD.

Step 9 – Figure out who the smart people are. An Uncle and a cousin have both helped me with weed. Dad brought me pre-rolls but he still doesn’t understand how to speed up recovery properly.

Step 9 – Admit managing seizures alone and going to the hospital alone is driving you crazy then stop… “I don’t deserve to have to self-admit to the hospital.” If no one goes with me then I will stop going. This is why? I knew KGH would put me in the psychiatric unit. That is why? I screamed at them for putting me in under the mental health act. Also KGH pretty much made you self diagnose during June 16-June 17 so they were no help...I will no longer go to the hospital alone!

Step 10 – Tell your family you are done with the filter and ready to learn more practical Moralities.

Step 11 – Fall in love.

Step 12 – Tell my love everything about me.

Lastly, admit to yourself your family is bad at taking care of you. Then… move on from them in the sense where you become self-relying. This burn out isn’t like any other burn out I have had before. I did the math, I hacked the game and I have better things to do than wait for my family to understand my issues! I tell fortunes, click here.

Also my Facebook page is not a sub-resume. My Cousin Chris is a career counselor. I am a content creator. There is a big difference, if I want ratings? Then I have to be actionable and persistent. Don’t edit my content as family.

What wasn’t in the plan?

  1. A rapist second cousin named Shane.
  2. Step siblings who need all of my Family’s attention
  3. Being ignored or confused during the concussion
  4. Getting injured at Giant Tiger!
  5. Kyle giving me a concussion while playing wrestling.

My family hardly cares about me. If you do care then smoke CBD with me sometime and watch how much easier my mood gets…. My CBD needs to be distributed immediately after a seizure. The longer you wait the more medicine I need. 5 grams over 3 days no struggle and I will be fine.

Where does my rational thought stem from?

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My conscious may never be silent even if my will is!!!! !\

To re-summon rational thinking, you need a teaching E-Learning material. This will re-install the Ashton Deroy interface software. I command as much moral authority I can over these words from the sanctions of my powers stemming from my Business and Communications education. Moral Feelings are acquired but if not maintained they will disappear. To water these flowers of thought you have to reboot the Ashton style computer. y naRe-install Utilitarianism, Bring by cultivation to high degrees of literary development and bring to the respect of intellectual traditions of the human mind. Not the traditions of toxic codependence, Religion, and factors that risk my Security.  Your feeling of duty will harmonize as a Wiccan to foster your pursuit in the English Socialist Pursuits of following the Common Good and bringing Wrongdoers to justice.

Intention: To the kind-hearted Wuyu (nurse) to inform others.

Re-assigning my keys: I will use faith healers but Chris through hypnosis has had subconscious keys revoked to make an exclusive home for Kaylib. The soul is Kaylib’s home to design, culture, and weave a new fabric from which to stem shared culture. Your responsibility is to Utilitarian duty, being smart & creative as well as morally compassionate. You have had a concussion so you now use Shatter bars and CBD for treatments. Indica & hybrid strain gets Wiccan faith rebooted.

This is a Co-op. We do trade the publication on Market Data with the family to meet the sustainability Goal of fighting disinformation. It also helps to avoid security risks around Ashton Deroy’s ofter endangered faith. Ashton Deroy is also capable of being feminine but not often asked. Thank you for reading, Sincerely thoughts of well-intentioned Ashton Deroy.

Visitations: Chris Rudan may visit and communicate inside the Co-op once in a while but must not be allowed to vote or stay long term. Your family didn’t like that you maybe use a hypnotism and autism aware technique because of them. However, if reading Secular morality gives you control over your life than it must be your moral obligation to accept re-education & being re-cultured. Here is a trap to look out for… The Marxist theory seems really intelligent and insightful however it is much too primitive and mathematically under evolved. Something that isn’t a trap by your own standards? Using math from your website to talk to you ex and then being fair with them in exchanging suicide Prevention services. Ashton Deroy can talk to Chris and not tell Family and then the shame is non-existent. However, Ashton can not let Chris weave cultural fabric. That cultural fabric is only Kaylib’s. Chris gets service and courtesy if he visits your brain or communicates directly to you. Algorithm for efficient thought: However, the connection will be dissolved after the passing of 2 tea times. Tea times 12:00p.m. , 3:00p.m. 8:00p.m. This is a moral declaration of a kindness and openness egalitarian boundary mixed with emotional monogamy to the chosen spiritual partner Kaylib Drury as well as a faith-based duty to protect Kaylib for the Common Good.  This song is from How I met Your Mother which is a show you have liked Ashton Deroy. This post is written for self-accountability and spiritual process. After connections, learn Utilitarianismof some kind. Concussions can be fixed. Codes can be re-written to achieve different outputs towards well-intentioned missions dictated by an underlying want of a perceived Pluralist and Socially Democratic ideal utopia. 

I am writing a concussion journal on the website to talk about my natural state in the pursuit of recovery. This will be the only post on this website that allows you to unlock code. It will be buried when this page is deleted you must set fire to an acquaintance Facebook profile for the purposes of illusion. Your choice in order to be sure that a person achieves an increased power. 

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Democratic Capitalist Rules of the Co-op:

Dignified work means a work environment free from harassment, sexism and torment through deliberation.(different countries have different copyright standards. We will either end up being copyright compatible or we won’t. This is the first pitch in Marketing terms.)
Welcome to the Co-op.


How a Spiritualist Wiccan shames prejudice
“I am a Wiccan of her majesty’s commonwealth. Do you have an issue with the english? Do you have an issue with the French?  The fact we have first nations siblings not related by blood? HOW DARE YOU!”BlacklivesMatter]
I am autistic and I want to learn and Progress. Email me at Ashtonderoy@gmail.com for any and all necessity education. 

Wiccan Family Business
This was after an American User-made it very clear I was not welcome in their shop for being First Nations related. After sending me a Reddit Strain with the title Slave Labour. “Excuse me?!” Do you think a Wiccan finds that flattering? I am a Traditionalist of the Wiccan Spiritualist faith with a British Heritage. I wanted to smack the bastard with the back of my hand for showing such belligerent hate. But I turned the other cheek and said I worked in Market Research and I would leak his username to the public.  I am competitive to a fault. thecontentpros on Fiverr