This was actually supposed to be a apology. Kaylib Drury is the only one I am sorry to now.

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Here is to the only person who deserves an Apology. I am sorry Kaylib Drury. I lied to you about my authentic personality. You might of thought I was nicer than I actually am.

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This post is supposed to be about how I hacked the conditions of my autism and got better by myself. I dated a Psychologist, I learned coordination through yoga & I confided in a Social Worker as a child about the conditions of living with Kimberly Hill. That was never going to be enough for my family. Except with me learning psychology since childhood… I hate to say it this exercise was a trust fall not a obstacle course.

Someone else was literally supposed to offer to take over for me…

Sorry Kaylib Drury

Where does my rational thought stem from?

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My conscious may never be silent even if my will is!!!! !\

To re-summon rational thinking, you need a teaching E-Learning material. This will re-install the Ashton Deroy interface software. I command as much moral authority I can over these words from the sanctions of my powers stemming from my Business and Communications education. Moral Feelings are acquired but if not maintained they will disappear. To water these flowers of thought you have to reboot the Ashton style computer. y naRe-install Utilitarianism, Bring by cultivation to high degrees of literary development and bring to the respect of intellectual traditions of the human mind. Not the traditions of toxic codependence, Religion, and factors that risk my Security.  Your feeling of duty will harmonize as a Wiccan to foster your pursuit in the English Socialist Pursuits of following the Common Good and bringing Wrongdoers to justice.

Intention: To the kind-hearted Wuyu (nurse) to inform others.

Re-assigning my keys: I will use faith healers but Chris through hypnosis has had subconscious keys revoked to make an exclusive home for Kaylib. The soul is Kaylib’s home to design, culture, and weave a new fabric from which to stem shared culture. Your responsibility is to Utilitarian duty, being smart & creative as well as morally compassionate. You have had a concussion so you now use Shatter bars and CBD for treatments. Indica & hybrid strain gets Wiccan faith rebooted.

This is a Co-op. We do trade the publication on Market Data with the family to meet the sustainability Goal of fighting disinformation. It also helps to avoid security risks around Ashton Deroy’s ofter endangered faith. Ashton Deroy is also capable of being feminine but not often asked. Thank you for reading, Sincerely thoughts of well-intentioned Ashton Deroy.

Visitations: Chris Rudan may visit and communicate inside the Co-op once in a while but must not be allowed to vote or stay long term. Your family didn’t like that you maybe use a hypnotism and autism aware technique because of them. However, if reading Secular morality gives you control over your life than it must be your moral obligation to accept re-education & being re-cultured. Here is a trap to look out for… The Marxist theory seems really intelligent and insightful however it is much too primitive and mathematically under evolved. Something that isn’t a trap by your own standards? Using math from your website to talk to you ex and then being fair with them in exchanging suicide Prevention services. Ashton Deroy can talk to Chris and not tell Family and then the shame is non-existent. However, Ashton can not let Chris weave cultural fabric. That cultural fabric is only Kaylib’s. Chris gets service and courtesy if he visits your brain or communicates directly to you. Algorithm for efficient thought: However, the connection will be dissolved after the passing of 2 tea times. Tea times 12:00p.m. , 3:00p.m. 8:00p.m. This is a moral declaration of a kindness and openness egalitarian boundary mixed with emotional monogamy to the chosen spiritual partner Kaylib Drury as well as a faith-based duty to protect Kaylib for the Common Good.  This song is from How I met Your Mother which is a show you have liked Ashton Deroy. This post is written for self-accountability and spiritual process. After connections, learn Utilitarianismof some kind. Concussions can be fixed. Codes can be re-written to achieve different outputs towards well-intentioned missions dictated by an underlying want of a perceived Pluralist and Socially Democratic ideal utopia. 

I am writing a concussion journal on the website to talk about my natural state in the pursuit of recovery. This will be the only post on this website that allows you to unlock code. It will be buried when this page is deleted you must set fire to an acquaintance Facebook profile for the purposes of illusion. Your choice in order to be sure that a person achieves an increased power. 

Make no mistake you don’t want to hire someone with genuine enthusiasm.

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Someone with genuine enthusiasm and autism. What do you think they would be like? Would they be an outspoken genius? Or a rambling lunatic? Make no mistake the idea of talking to someone who genuine with their feelings. Even after their parents help with learning impulse control… This would still be a struggle.

Not that anyone who reads this would understand what I mean by Multiple perceptions of the self. However, the Socialist Dictator inside has died. They are gone. You are stuck with the Spiritualist Wiccan who is a member of the environmentalist club. All that is left is the Wiccan Merchant I was through the Advertising and Marketing program with the new Skills of a Business Diploma and Access to a Bloombergsubscription.

Grant Cardone might need to be granted his “legendary” Status.

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I got people on the Grant Cardone Self-help train and I can tell them to jump off if I want. I say this because I feel the man has gone insane. He is talking about fighting the government to re-open his business and how everyone who got unemployment was an unloyal person. inner Screamings of morality as your audience and reader

Response to Retail Sales Plunge. 


Instead of “Be Obsessed or Be Average”. How about be insane or be moral? Where is his common sense? Where are his ethics at? Who does he see himself as? I see a person with no heart who doesn’t care. That is why I am 100% not endorsing Grant Cardone as an author & motivational sales speaker.

At this time I say we recognize the times he inspired us as a motivational comrade. While denouncing the ethics of the man. Essentially let’s grant Grant his legendary status and then move on with our attention. There is more than bottom-line logic. There is integrity, community & environment.

Goal: I want to be one of the nice people.

Ashton Deroy writes: If they tell you that this is The Good Place. Even after everything goes wrong that can go wrong. You are in a bad place! However, if you are dumb & optimistic enough you will still think it is The Good Place long after you are proven it is hell. Truthfully Nice optimists are the most tyrannical people we all ever meet because there is nothing more tyrannical than forcing attitudes of civility.

My boyfriend maintains that nice people are the scariest people. What insane coercion must take place to put forward an image of kindness and solidarity? This is where we need to look beneath the surface to understand the perfection is built on a flimsy foundation.  The assumed cooperation of everyone else.

Honestly after moral speculation & colorful wording.  I realize I need to switch my focus from doing what I want to do. To do what it is my obligation to do. I want to get a job so I can start/continue to raise money for important causes such as: